30 Nov 00:00 - 23:30

I want in

It's nearly here.

We're incredibly excited to open our doors and let you in. We're SO close to public beta launch, it's frustrating. Yet we're not quite there yet. We need to tie a few more bows and blow a few more balloons, and only then can the party begin.

(Yup, it's going to be a rager. Balloons. BALLOONS!)

Be the first.

The great news is you'll be one of the first to enjoy what we've created, particularly if you give us your contact details such that we can let you know when we replace this page with the real thing.

There may be treats involved as well.

Promise, not promise. (Actually, promise.)

If you shop online, anywhere and for anything, baskt could well be a very useful tool for you. You're why we've built it!

(If you're an e-commerce business, we're happy to open up what we're building for you a bit earlier - just get in touch via the details below, tell us a bit about yourself, and maybe what you're struggling with right now. Whilst building a tool entirely around the needs of the modern online shopper, we realised that we can do something really nice for them by partnering with forward-thinking online shops like yourself, and giving you a leg-up via the technology platform we've painstakingly built; after all, you are where they're shopping! So we've built a version of our main consumer tool to level-up what we believe should and will be commoditised e-commerce features in the future - e.g. wishlist, recently viewed list, even the shopping cart - to allow for a best-in-breed omni-channel experience to be accessible to any e-commerce outfit that wants it. And like for consumers, getting on board is effectively plug-and-play.)

I want in

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